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#Presenting our team of makers, hackers and innovators: Daniel Bailey, Jeff Staple, Gaspard Turbant, Zanti Zoraides, Ziv Lee, Kitty Shukman, Aristotle Escobar, Solene Roure and Dominic Ciambrone.

Daniel Bailey curates @construct10061. He is the founder of @conceptkicks, one of the leading platforms for forward-thinking footwear inspiration. Aside from promoting footwear talent globally through ConceptKicks, as a designer he has collaborated with some of the best in the field, making him a prime choice to lead and curate #construct10061 for @timberland

Jeff Staple is a legend of the footwear scene; a pioneer in many fields, as a designer , entrepreneur and as host of Business of Hype on @hypebeastradio. He is also founder of New York visual communications agency @staple.design and @reedspace boutique.

Gaspard Turbant is the inaugural recipient of the #construct10061 Student Maker Internship Award. He stood out for his thoughtful work and raw talent. “As an intern, I would like to bring some new ideas and input my own vision as a fashion design student; something conscious, something that beyond the aesthetic is also ethical, something aware of the nowadays’ world and its limited resources.”

Art Director and Designer Santi Zoraidez transforms ideas into striking artworks and concepts into mesmerizing compositions. He creates enticing visuals that explore color, textures and shapes and brings it together in one cohesive package. @szoraidez works worldwide with brands, agencies and studios at the intersection of digital and reality.

Hong Kong based @ogreziv is the master of customization taking the term to another level with models being fully hand-made . His “Dark Khaki” became a viral sensation overnight. Through his design practice he wants to tackle different issues from global warming to gender equality.

Kitty Shukman is a recent graduate fromLondon College of Fashion, where she won the prestigious Cordwainers Cup for excellencein footwear. With her passion for comfort, gender neutrality and sustainable design she’s creating footwear for people who want to feel strong, confident and empowered.

Aristotle “Ari” Escobar has been pursuing his shoemaking career since getting into the Pensole Intensive at MIT. He is currently working as a Junior Footwear Designer at No.One.
blending styles and cultural trends, he explores concepts of universality.

Based in London, Solene Roure has made a name for herself, both through her workfor multiple brands, as well as with her own brand, @primury where she explores and reinterprets the modern sneaker, to develop everyday staples. She always aims to find the balancebetween useful and beautiful.

Dominic Ciambrone , AKA @theshoesurgeon has worked from the ground up, learning every step of the shoemaking process to become one of the biggest names in the sneaker world today. His innovative work has led him to create for numerous elite clients. His custom-tailored approach explores material and detail to rethink classics in a new, surprising way. He brings his energy to inspire the next generation through his unique program of shoemaking classes, where he passes on the secrets and skill of his craft to the next generation.