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24 BOOTS .

In October 2018  Timberland® started a new journey. To shake up the world of  bootmaking. To turn the process upside down. Transparently.  Collaboratively . With no idea of where  we would end up.

It’s called CONSTRUCT:10061 – a nod to our iconic  Yellow Boot heritage (10061 is the unique product code) and a leap  forward in constructing bootwear  for a new generation.

This journey is all about  Boots Beyond Borders . Built within this theme is a challenge: In a world where more borders are being built, can creativity help to break them down?

We took them all to our construction home  A.K.A. The Timberland® factory  in the Dominican Republic . They teamed up with our skilled crafters  and together , they worked all kinds of  magic.

They  sketched, sewed, cut, discussed. Sometimes objects were thrown across the room. Yes, they were passionate. The atmosphere was electric. Their combined skills pieced together visions of the future. 

It’s resulted in twenty eight exciting boot concepts that can’t wait to take their place in the world. This website is the story of that amazing, collaborative journey. CONSTRUCT:10061 has begun.